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At Weldsafe, service is our business. Above anything else, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled level of service we are known to deliver and the relationships we build with our customers as a result.

We speak to our customers every day, to discuss their needs and find out exactly what they’re looking for. This helps us tailor the products we offer to fit their exact needs. One of the most common things our customers ask us is ‘How do I know which product or machine is best for me?’.

In this blog, we explore that conversation, in the hope that it’ll act as a guide if you are deliberating over your next welding purchase.

What are you looking to weld?

Always our first and most important question. What is it you’re welding? We need to know the material, the thickness and the shape. All of this, as well as the amount of work that is to be undertaken, will help us to make our recommendations. If you’re looking to complete a lot of welding in a short amount of time, a MIG machine is the answer to your prayers. This comes with a heavier price tag though, so perhaps the MMA is the best solution for you as although it may run a little slower than a MIG machine, it’s a more affordable price point.

As industry experts, we can advise our customers based on your individual desired outcome. We can tailor our products based on your welding needs whether that be for commercial or personal use, whether you are an experienced welder or a beginner, and taking any time and cost constraints into account. We’re here to help you identify your needs in order to successfully complete the tasks you have at hand.  

Industrial use or production use?

Different machines are suited to different industries. Recreational/hobby welders can use MMA, which are very cost effective, whereas MIG machines are ideally suited for heavy industry as they can be used to weld thicker metals whilst also being much quicker, leading to less time per item. TIG welding on the other hand can be difficult, but when executed properly leaves a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing weld. Different outcomes require different tools and we can help you match the task with the tool.

Any specific process preference?

Different types of welding processes lead to different results. Here at Weldsafe, we can help you decide which process is most appropriate for the job, and from there, we can advise on which piece of equipment would be the most suitable to get the job done. If you have a personal preference for which process to use, we will always take this into consideration. Alternatively, we can share our expertise on the pros and cons of each process, and where they sit on a scale of cost vs. quality, allowing you to make a fully informed decision.  Check out our previous blog, where we outline the different welding processes.

Are you producing a quality-controlled product?

If you’re welding a product that will need to be assessed by stringent quality controls, then you need a machine that produces the highest quality of weld. More so, you may be carrying out jobs that require the ability to calibrate the machine. We can advise on which machine will give you the necessary flexibility to produce a product with the high calibre results you desire. This may mean a higher price point as a result; however, it will ensure that your machine has all the information and adjustability that you need.

Is it for hobby welding?

Although we often supply large scale welding machinery and equipment, we also are more than happy to supply equipment for hobby welding or small-scale work and can advise on the most affordable solution for your needs. Not only that, consider us a one-stop-shop where you can pick out all the necessary accessories to accompany your welding machine, helping you to save money whilst giving you the best quality welding equipment available.

Ready to Get Started?

Need some advice on your next welding purchase? Our recommendations are based on years of knowledge and experience which ensures that our customers get the right product for their budget and requirements, whilst we provide an unmatched level of service and aftercare.

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