What You Need to Get Started Welding: Essential Accessories and Tools - Weldsafe

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We can supply our customers with all of the necessary tools and accessories they need, from PPE through to power tools, ready to undertake any welding project safely and efficiently.

There are some tools that, at first glance, may not seem necessary but are vital tools to complete a welding job correctly. There are also products that may not be needed for welding itself, but rather are required to prepare for a welding job or to assist you with cleaning up afterwards.

Our Top Picks


This ranges from helmets, gloves, safety glasses, protective coveralls and welding jackets, to trousers and footwear. All of these are essential to keep you protected and safe; a welding helmet is the most important welding tool you will own.

Angle Grinder

An absolute necessity for welding with multiple purposes: attach a grinding disc and smooth out any materials, put a cut off wheel on to cut and trim metal, attach a flap disc for shaping and taking off rough edges.

Anti-Spatter Spray

Use anti spatter spray on your workpiece and welding bench to prevent weld spatter from sticking, saving you time after welding on clean-up. However on modern equipment like Fronius’ TPSi range which have LSC (Low Spatter Control) you can virtually eliminate the need for any Anti Spatter Spray.

Wire Brush & Chipping Hammer

When stick (MMA) welding or flux cored MIG welding, a chipping hammer and wire brush are essential – pre welding for removing any rust or surface contamination and post welding for knocking off the deposited slag coating and exposing the shiny new weld metal underneath. You could also use a drill mounted wire brush for large areas or welds.

Welding Magnets

A must have welding tool; these will easily hold together the two pieces of ferrous metals to be welded.

Welding Clamps

These are essential for letting you weld pieces together in tight alignment, without the worry of any movement.

Welding Pliers

These are simple to use with several functions, from removing the hot nozzle from your Mig Torch, to removing the contact tip and clipping your wire.

French Chalk

A great marking tool.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Make sure to check out our blog on the different types of welding technique to find the right style for the job. You can also explore our welding equipment range, so you have the right machine before you get started.

We provide recommendations based on years of knowledge and experience in distributing welding machinery to ensure our customers get what they are paying for, as well as providing an unparalleled level of service and aftercare. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to discuss what we can do for you.