• CA444 Cutting Attachment
  • CA444 Cutting Attachment

CA444 Cutting Attachment

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0700017241, CA444 Cutting Attachment,

CA444 Cutting Attachment


Product Code: 0700017241
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The NM Combination Torch is a two-piece torch
that incorporates innovative handle and cutting
attachment designs that offer better ergonomics, a
clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for
easier use and enhanced safety.
The torch features a contoured, high-strength alloy
torch handle that fits naturally in most operators’
hands. While lighter than a brass handle, the
handle better resists abuse, and balances well
when hoses and attachments are connected.
The ST443 accepts nozzle-mix style consumables
and is suitable for use with both propane and

  • Non-slip handle is ergonomic and comfortable, easing
    stress on the hand. 
  • Comprehensive range of welding and heating nozzles
    for acetylene and propane.
  • Knobs are contoured and spaced further apart for
    easy adjustment and colour coded with
    increase/decrease labels.
  • In-line stainless tubes for better visibility and reduced
  • Forged brass body and stainless steel valves for
    extended operational life and increased safety

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