• ESAB Origo Mig C340 PRO 4WD V/A
  • ESAB Origo Mig C340 PRO 4WD V/A

ESAB Origo Mig C340 PRO 4WD V/A

£3,268.36 inc VAT

£2,723.63 exc VAT

Availability: OBSOLETE
This machine has been discontinued, please contact us - info@weldsafe.co.uk - for advice on an alternative

ESAB Origo Mig C340 PRO 4WD V/A


Product Code: 0349310830

Long Detail

The Origo Mig offers very good welding properties - stable arc and very finely matched voltage steps. It can be used for the welding of aluminium and GMA brazing of galvanised sheet metal
The Origo Mig features a galvanised metal housing with optional air filter, designed for use in harsh environments .

  • Two or three inductance connections adjusting the arc dynamics
  • 4-roll wire feed system available, ideal for production welding
  • Professional ESAB PSF torches included in delivery
  • Easy to switch polarity when using self-shielded cored wire

Technical Spec.

Input Voltage                                                     400 V, 3ph, 50/60Hz

                                                                           230/415-500 V, 3ph, 50Hz

                                                                           230/440-460 V, 3ph, 60Hz

Setting Range                                                     40 – 340 A

Fuse Slow                                                           16 A

Wire Feed Speed                                                1.9 – 19 m/min

Wire Diameter

                Fe,Ss                                                   0.6 – 1.2 mm

                FCW                                                    0.8 – 1.2 mm

                Al                                                         1.0 – 1.2 mm

Welding Output                                                               

                at 100% Duty Cycle                            195 A

                at 60% Duty Cycle                              250 A

Open Circuit Voltage                                          16 – 40 V

Voltage Steps                                                     40                          

Operating temperature                                      -10 to 40°C

Burnback Time                                                   0.02 – 0.25s

Spot Welding                                                      0.2 – 2.5 s

Protection Class                                                 IP23

Dimesnsions LxWxH                                          840x425x830 mm

Weight                                                                114Kg   

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