• ESAB Origomag C171
  • ESAB Origomag C171
  • ESAB Origomag C171
  • ESAB Origomag C171

ESAB Origomag C171

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ESAB Origomag C171


Product Code: 0349311280

Long Detail

High quality welding machines for high quality results. The ESAB Origo™ Mag C171, C201 and C251 are step regulated welding power sources for MIG/MAG welding. A built-in wire feeder and the low weight of the units make them perfect, practical solutions for use on farms, in repair shops and for light production applications.

MIG/MAG Welding
Origo™ Mag C171, C201 and C251 can be used with both conventional solid wire and self-shielding cored wire. They are designed for welding both steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well as for Mig brazing. Wire diameters from 0.6 mm up to 1.2 mm can be used depending on the machine selected.

Easy to Use
The units are equipped with multi-step voltage switches and potentiometers for wire speed adjustment, enabling easy setting of the welding parameters. It is possible to adjust burnback time and to set spot welding time in all three OrigoTM Mags. The units are also fan-cooled and equipped with thermal overload protection. As an option the Origo™ Mags can be equipped with V/A digital meter and transformer for a CO2 heater.

Power Smoothing Device™
Although Origo™ Mag C171, C201 and C251 are single phase units, Power Smoothing Device™ gives them excellent welding performance in CO2 and gas mixtures. Power Smoothing Device™ provides a smooth welding current, comparable to that of a 3-phase machine.


Part Numbers : Origo Mag C171/C201/C251
Origo Mag C171 (230V 1 ph 50/60 Hz) 0349311280
Origo Mag C201 (230V 1 ph 50/60 Hz) 0349311290
Origo Mag C251 (230V 1 ph 50/60 Hz) 0349311420

Origo™ Mag C171/C201; MXL™ 200, 3 m (contact tip 0,8), assembled feed roller 0,6-0,8.Origo™ Mag C251; MXL™ 270, 3 m (contact tip 1,0), assembled feed roller 0,8-1,0.All units; 3m mains cable with plug, 3m return cable with clamp, gas hose 1,5m, shelf for gas cylinder and attachment chain for gas cylinder.

Accessories : Origo Mag C171/C201/C251
Digital instrument 0349302598
Transformer for CO2 heater 0349302250

Technical Spec.


Length 860 mm
Width 420 mm
Model All Models
Height 730 mm


Description or Qualifier Origo Mag C171 Origo Mag C201 Origo Mag C251
Weight 59 kg 68 kg 94 kg

Power Specifications

Model Origo Mag C171 Origo Mag C201 Origo Mag C251
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.91 0.89 0.92
Open Circuit Voltage 22-44.5 VDC 19-44.9 VDC 19-41.5 VDC
Protection Class IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Current Range(A) 30-170 A 30-200 A 40-250 A

Wire Feeder Specifications

Wire Feed Speed 1 - 17 m/min
Wire Feed Speed 1 - 17 m/min
Wire Feed Speed 1.9 - 19 m/min

Welding Output

Model Origo Mag C171 Origo Mag C201 Origo Mag C251

Input Voltage

Voltage 230 V
Phase 1
Frequency 50/60 Hz


Interval Spot Welding 0.2-2.5