• PNM Nozzle 3/64"
  • PNM Nozzle 3/64"

PNM Nozzle 3/64"

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0700016085, PNM Nozzle 3/64"

PNM Nozzle 3/64"


Product Code: 0700016085
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Long Detail

  • PNM’s differ from ANM nozzles as different gas
    mixing criteria apply
  • Two piece design consisting of a brass inner nozzle
    and a hollow copper outer sheath
  • Turbulence must be created between the inner and
    outer parts of the nozzle to obtain adequate mixing
    of the propane and oxygen
  • The volume of mixed Oxy-Propane needs to be
    more than double that of Oxy-Acetylene for the same
    useable heat
  • This extra volume is achieved by very large channels
    that are present on the brass inner nozzle which
    conduct the greater volumes of gas 

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