• TBi 250 (MB25) Expert 4m Euro
  • TBi 250 (MB25) Expert 4m Euro

TBi 250 (MB25) Expert 4m Euro

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TBi 250A Expert 4m Mig Torch with a Euro connection.

TBi 250 (MB25) Expert 4m Euro


Product Code: 104P321040

Long Detail

The TBi Expert handle has been designed with perfect ergonomics and appealing looks.

The soft rubber areas directly integrated in the handle assure comfortable and slip-proof handling.

The balance of the torches has been optimized for ergonomical work.

■ Modern 2-component handle

■ Extremely slim design for effortless use

■ Ball joint with defined panning and rotation range prevents
twisted hoses in the cable assembly

■ Effort-saving weight distribution

■ Gripping area is more distanced from weld pool than with our
other handles, less heat input on the hand

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